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free-is-marked-outsideThe importance of good, quality translations and texts is often underestimated. The translation of an insignificant message such as the one here may make you laugh but when more is at stake than your privacy, a bad translation is annoying. In the worst case it may even seriously damage your credibility as a business partner. This applies to all texts through which you want to reach a specific target audience; they need to be accurate, correct and unambiguous. Te:ma vertalingen en redactie can help you in this!

Te:ma vertalingen en redactie has built up considerable expertise in the field of translating, editing, re-editing and revising of medical-scientific texts. We listen to your needs and expectations, and give you an honest result for an honest price.

Te:ma vertalingen en redactie aspires to high-quality; our aim is your satisfaction!


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